What payment options do you offer?

You may pay via Paypal.

Do you offer subscription packages or image/video bundles?

We don’t offer subscription pricing at Stockmatik. We want to offer our buyers clear, upfront pricing, with none of the pitfalls or confusion of a subscription model (like expiring credits). Instead, we have consistent pay-per-asset rates for all customers – starting at $15 for small images, up to $125 for extra large, and $75 for 720p videos, up to $400 for 4K ungraded originals.

Are your images/videos model released?

Yes, we require that any image or video containing a recognizable person must have a model release on file before it is allowed into the collection. If needed, we’re happy to provide redacted copies of model releases upon request. For your peace of mind, you can find out if an asset has a model or property release by checking on the left hand side of an asset details page.

How much are your images and videos, and what size do I need?

To keep things simple, all of our images and videos are priced consistently. You will find a full breakdown of both sizing and pricing on each asset’s page. For more information visit our Pricing Page

Can you tell me about your licensing options?

Our Standard Royalty Free image license includes the following:

  • Up to 500,000 copies in print
  • Worldwide, all media, unlimited time
  • Unlimited electronic impressions (web, eBook, etc.)
  • Commercial use, e.g., advertising, broadcast media, annual reports, story accompaniment (editorial), blog posts, websites, design elements, book covers, product packaging, etc.

Our Basic Royalty Free video license includes the following:

  • Unlimited number of worldwide projects and mediums, forever.
  • Unlimited electronic impressions (web, eBook, etc.)
  • Commercial use, including: advertising, broadcast media, story accompaniment (editorial), blog posts, websites, video game elements, films, etc.

You can also purchase Extended Licenses to allow specific additional uses including:

  • Multi-Seat: For use by more than one individual within your organization
  • Unlimited Print (Images Only): For printing over 500,000 copies of the image (Web use is always unlimited)
  • Products for Resale: For use in commercial products in which the image is a major design element or feature, e.g., greeting cards, t-shirts, mugs, posters, wallpapers, stickers, templates, apps, and screensavers
  • Market Freeze: Secures exclusivity for a set period of time from the date of asset purchase and includes complimentary Multi-Seat, Unlimited Print, and Products for Resale Licenses.

A complimentary Multi-Seat License is automatically included with the purchase of any Extended License.

Do videos come with audio?

No, Stockmatik videos do not include audio.

What kinds of video files do you offer?

For every video clip we have a color corrected H.264 .MOV file that can quickly be added to any project. We also offer ungraded ProRes files for the most flexibility and quality. All clips are available in 720p or 1080p, or 4K/UHD when available.

I’ve bought a license for a photo/video – how do I download it?

After purchasing your license, you’ll see a page with a link to download the photo or video. If you need to download the asset again in the future, you can do this in your Purchase History, found via your user account menu at the upper right corner of the page.