How is content reviewed?


Our review team is a global network of professionals with significant experience in the creative sector. But besides being artists themselves, our reviewers are also thoroughly trained on Stockmatik technical and metadata standards as well as compliance policies.

Review Guidelines

Our reviewer team’s philosophy is based on a number of variables with customer satisfaction as a principal theme. All content is reviewed with consideration of the following:

  • Technical execution — this includes factors like lighting, focus, and noise for photo and video. For illustrations factors such as gradient and blend rendering, as well as path construction are evaluated.
  • Metadata — titles and keywords are reviewed for accuracy and relevance, as well as compliance restrictions.
  • Intellectual property — content is evaluated for potential trademark or intellectual property violations, as well as possible copyright infringements.
  • Releases – all content is evaluated for any necessary property or model release requirements and each release is reviewed for adherence to our release requirements.
  • Policy – submissions are monitored for adherence to Stockmatik content policies, like similar content and spamming.

Review timelines

We strive to review all submitted content as quickly as possible, and most submissions are reviewed within 72 hours. However, during times of increased submissions traffic, the reviewing process time may take up to 7 business days.

All content is funneled into separate queues by media type, so review times may also vary by type of content. In certain cases a longer than usual review time indicates that your content was escalated to be reviewed by a manager. This does not mean there is anything wrong with your submission, but simply indicates that a reviewer requested a more authoritative judgment or answer before choosing to accept or reject a group of images.

Review accuracy

Since all content is reviewed by individual reviewers, it is possible that different reviewers may have slightly different views about what is acceptable content. If you disagree with the result of a review based on technical execution, you can submit your content for another review. If you don’t understand the reason for a rejection, you can read a more detailed explanation in our support center. You can also contact our Contributor Care team if you need additional information.